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The journey started in writing – you could say I have a thing or two to say about most things! And after five years in journalism, the creative in me decided to take a little sidestep into the world of social media, website design and genuine content creation. Let’s talk all things communications re your business. Website design? Sorted. Social Media? No sweat. You need it, I’ll design it. And by I, I mean me, Treecey – a down to earth Kiwi communications professional.

treecey comms web designer


website design

A website is your digital signature – and an absolute must for any business in today’s digital world!

I take the heart of your business, I get what you stand for, offer and want to achieve and with that knowledge I design a site the not only you love, but that your customers, friends and family love too. I work with various platforms including Shopify and WordPress! Your work deserves to be seen by as many people as possible so let’s create that opportunity!

digital illustrations

Digital illustrations are the perfect way to keep those beautiful memories you have fresh, fun and vibrant. Looking for a fun, personal gift? A new way to liven up the kids’ rooms? Or maybe you just want a special image digitalised for yourself.  This is the perfect solution. 

content creation

As a former journalist, writing is kind of my passion. I understand that different audiences require you to take unique approaches – and I’ve been doing that for close to 10 years now. Website copy, brochure content, social media posts, you name it, I write it. Not sure if I’m what you need? Give me a call and we can chat it out.



Not sure what you’re after or what you’ll need? Book a free consult with Treecey and we’ll have you on track in no time! Don’t stress, it’s just a nice, laid back chat with a techno savvy 90s chick who’ll help you work out exactly what you need in the digital department!